NZ Sea Salt

Organic salt production and harvesting has rigorous standards.These include purity of the water, cleanliness of the salt beds and hand harvesting in an unpolluted environment. Pure NZ sea salt (Certified by BioGro NZ) is harvested from the clear waters of the great southern oceans. Currents sweep up the East Coast of New Zealand and into the water beds of the Solar Salt fields. These waters are naturally evaporated using sun and wind. The salt is carefully gathered at the end of summer maintaining the balance of minerals and nutrients naturally present in seawater. We offer unrefined granulated sea salt for salt mills . Pure Coarse Sea Salt and Organic Herb Sea Salt.

Pure Coarse Sea Salt Ingredients PACIFIC NATURAL NZ Sea Salt
Organic Herb Sea Salt Ingredients PACIFIC NATURAL NZ Sea Salt Yellow Mustard Seed. Caraway Seed. Roasted Onion. Atlantic Kelp. Oregano. Dill Seed. Fennel. Thyme. Marjoram. Celery. Sage.