About Us

Wildcraft Dispensary is located in the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW Australia and has been operating for 10 years.

Wildcraft Dispensary is a licensed ACO Processor Number 11068 – which means we operate in accordance with The Australian Certified Organic Standard.

We source certified organic, wild harvest and premium grade raw materials from Australia and around the world.  Your product is individually hand prepared and made to order on our own premises. We are  an Australian Owned Business.

We offer you a selection of Herbal Ointments, Herbal Loose Leaf Teas, Traditional Cocoa Blends, Powdered Health Supplements,  Pure New Zealand Sea Salt, Australian Native Products, Tea Accessories, Essential Oils and Personal Care Products eg shampoo. toothpaste.

Our high quality range is formulated by qualified practitioners drawing on over 25 years experience in the Natural Health Industry. Our herbal products are regarded as traditional home preparations and have a long history of common and cultural usage.  Our website contains both education and shopping.