Single Herbs Loose Leaf

W – Wild Harvested   PG – Premium Grade   CO/O – Certified Organic

Tea Making – The extraction of herbs with hot water – has held a respected place in herbal lore for centuries.
Single Herb Teas are brewed for their treasured recuperative and health enhancing properties. Your home tea preparation engages you in a timeless tradition and a feast for the senses.
Our teas are a Premium Grade Organic Product and are made specially for infusing. The bark and roots are shaved or cut across the grain to expose the fibres so they can easily release their nutrients during steeping. We do not advise boiling as this destroys sensitive vitamins and minerals and burns soft leaves and flowers. Your tea can be made in a teapot, plunger or single cup infuser.
We suggest all teas are steeped for 5-15 minutes in water which has just come off the boil. Teas which contain seeds , roots or bark need the full 15 minutes to release their therapeutic value. Delicate flowers and leaves may only need 5 minutes. Wait for the tea to develop a good colour.
Our teas are very strong and extremely fresh. The therapeutic value comes from the length of time you brew not the amount you use – allowing you to re-use your herbs for a second cup. Add lemon or honey if desired. Tea can be taken – hot, just warm or even cold, mixed with juice or well diluted with water after initial brewing.