Liquid Extracts & Homeopathics


BONE AND JOINT FORMULA 200ml – Feverfew. Cats Claw. Turmeric. Horsetail. Ginger. Nettle. Willow Bark.
BRONC-EFFECT 200ml – Willow Bark. Horehound. Ginger. Echinacea. Feverfew. Thyme.
CHILDRENS COUGH 50ml – Cinnamon. Marshmallow. Peppermint. Sarsparilla. Licorice. Citrus Peel. Cherry.
ENERGY BOOST 200ml – Nettle. Parsley. Red Clover. Ginseng. Hawthorn. Rehmannia. Oatseed. Horsetail. Rosehip. Cinnamon. Peppermint. Fennel. Multivitamin B. IMMUNE BOOST 200ml – Echinacea. Green Tea. Astragalus. Maritime Pine.
EXTRA STRENGTH COUGH MIX 100ml – Mullein. Elecampane. Licorice. Ginger. Horehound.
FAMILY WINTER TONIC 200ml – Grindelia. Rosehips. Echinacea. Licorice. Cayenne.
NERVE RESTORATIVE 200ml – Scullcap. Hops Bush. Passiflora. Mistletoe. Withania. Blue Vervain. Homeopathic Ignatia.
SLEEP BETTER 200ml – Passionflower. Lemon Balm. Oatseed. Withania. Ziziphus.
KIDNEY SUPPORT 100ml – Horsetail. Juniper. Parsley. Asparagus. Marshmallow. Hydrangea.
HEALTHY LIVER 200ml – Black Walnut. Barberry. Aloes. St Marys Thistle. Bogbean. Dandelion Root. Bladderwrack.
FEMALE HORMONE TONIC 200ml – Wild Yam. Chaste Tree. Pulsatilla. Siberian Ginseng. Rehmannia
MENS FORMULA 200ml – Saw Palmetto. Nettle Root. Damiana. Siberian Ginseng. Vitex Agnus Castus. Cleavers. Homeopathic Testosterone.
HEART TONIC 200ml – Hawthorn Berry and Leaf. Codonopsis. Motherwort. Linden. Passionflower. Cayenne.
LUNG AND RESPIRATORY SUPPORT 200ml – Mullein. Boneset. Plantain. Pleurisy Root. Licorice. Ginger.
THYME GARGLE 50ml – Thyme. Crab Apple. Homeopathic Strep.
GINGIVAE MOUTHWASH 50ml – Myrrh. Plantain. Cloves.
SINUS DRAINAGE 100ml – Gentian. Euphorbia. Chamomile. Echinacea. Elderflower. Dandelion.
GOUT REMEDY 100ml – Bearberry. Nettle Leaf. Cleavers. Dandelion Root. Homeopathic Colchicum.
MASTOID EAR DRAINAGE 50ml – Phytolacca. Fenugreek. Elderflower. Yarrow. Homeopathic Kali Mur.
VERMIFUGE PARASITE MIX 50ml – Black Walnut. Wormwood. Picrorrhiza. Cloves. Elecampane. Rhubarb. Cascara. Homeopathic Nosodes.
WORMING MIX 50ml – Mugwort. Wormwood. Anise. Gentian. Garlic. Blue Cohosh. Black Walnut. Rhubarb. Sassafras Oil. Homeopathic Cina.
HERBAL VITAMIN C 100ml – Rosehips. Elder Berry. Raspberry. Paw Paw. Schizandra.
CLEAR SKIN 200ml – Golden Seal. Burdock Root. Sarsparilla. Calendula. Zinc. Multivitamin B. Echinacea Root.