Organic Cocoa – Your delicious cocoa is 100% pure with an intense deep chocolate flavour. The Latin name Theobroma cocoa translates to Food of the Gods – a concentrated source of antioxidants, rich in minerals and high in feel good nutrients. Cocoa enjoys a respected history dating over 4000 years in the Mayan and Aztec cultures. It was used in ritual ceremonies , as a trading currency and consumed as a valued health elixir. Sugar was unknown in this region so spices were added to compliment the flavour of this bitter drink. We have followed these traditional principles and offer you a choice of Cocoa with Warming Ginger, Cocoa with Sweet Orange and Traditional Rich Cocoa. Europeans discovered this plant in the 1500’s and cocoa quickly became a much loved food around the world. 3 million tons of cocoa beans are now consumed annually. Prepare with water or milk and savour the time to Indulge.