Pau D’arco. Horopito. Manuka. St Marys Thistle. Chamomile. Peppermint. Zinc.
Ethanol and/or Glycerol base herbal extracts for maximum strength and rapid absorption. Dose is diluted in water.

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Traditional Use References
Pau D’arco or Taheebo is an antimicrobial and anti inflammatory, especially anti-candida. Eases and soothes the inflammation of mucous membranes. Anti fungal.
Horopitohas a long history of medicinal use by New Zealand’s indigenous Maori population. The leaves were bruised, steeped in water and used to soothe and treat skin diseases eg tinea, ringworm, venereal diseases.
Manuka –  one of the most popular and well-known New Zealand native herbs with a wide variety of therapeutic actions – antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant indications.
St Marys Thistle a liver-supportive herb that can reduce symptoms and help strengthen liver response.
Chamomile –  herbal yeast infection remedy. This plant has several anti fungal compounds that deliver a powerful blow to yeast infections.
Peppermint – the menthol content of mint has shown promising yeast and fungal fighting activity.
Zinc –  zinc deficiency is associated with vaginal candidiasis and may play a role in the susceptibility of women to recurrent episodes.

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CANDIDA CONTROL LIQUID HERBAL EXTRACT 200ml Pau D’arco Horopito Manuka St Marys Thistle Chamomile Peppermint Zinc