Pure Australian Ocean Salt.  BFA –  Bio Farmers Approved Product. Coarse granulated sea salt for salt mills.

Organic salt production and harvesting has rigorous standards. These include purity of the sea water, cleanliness of the salt beds and hand harvesting. Australian  salt production has a heritage dating back to the late 1800’s.  The waters of our pristine oceans were swept into ponds and solar evaporated by the sun and wind. The dry salt crystals left behind were double washed in seawater, dried again and bagged. Our salt producers do exactly the same today! There are no additives or chemical processes involved. The salt is gathered at the end of the summer maintaining the balance of minerals and nutrients naturally present in seawater. Available as Plain Salt or Organic Herb Salt

The Salt Myth

The word salt has become synonymous with sodium chloride or refined white table salt.  Salt in this form is a tissue poison contributing to hardening of the arteries and cardiovascular disease. Low salt diets have been highly endorsed thus creating a thriving market for reduced salt, low salt and no-salt foods. Yet mineral salts are vital to life. Minerals essential for electrolyte balance are sodium and chloride along with potassium, magnesium, sulphate and phosphate. Electrolytes control water balance, muscle contraction, nerve impulses, acid-alkali balance and nutrient transfer at a cellular level.

Australian Ocean Salt is naturally mineral dense providing all the electrolyte minerals as well as iodine, manganese and B Vitamins. The herb blend enhances the flavour of food and increases its nutritional value, releasing nutrients that are easily absorbed. The salt can be used as table salt and in cooking.

Pure Coarse Sea Salt Ingredients – AUSTRALIAN Sea Salt

Organic Herb Sea Salt Ingredients – AUSTRALIAN Sea Salt, Yellow Mustrard Seed -Eruca sativa, Caraway Seed – Carum carvi, Roasted Onion – Allium cepa, Atlantic Kelp – Ascophylum nodosum, Oregano – Oreganum creticum, Dill Seed – Anethum graveolens,  Fennel Seed – Foeniculum Vulgare,  Thyme Leaf – Thymus Vulgaris, Marjoram Leaf – Marjorama hortensis, Celery Leaf – Apium graveolens, Sage Leaf – Salvia officinalis