CHICORY ROOT Roasted Granules



CHICORY ROOT Roasted Granules

ORGANIC Chicory Cichorium intybus grows all over the United States and is cultivated in the Mediterranean areas of Europe, North Africa and Western Asia. In these countries it is roasted and ground and used as a coffee substitute. It is caffeine-free. Shipping from coffee-producing countries was disrupted in World War II. Roasted chicory root became a substitute for coffee in the United States.
Common names: Succory. Wild Succory and Wild Chicory. A common plant on waste ground and roadsides. A member of the Dandelion Family.
Chicory Root is mildly laxative due to its inulin content and is renowned for its tonic effects on the liver and gall bladder. Roasted Chicory Root is often mixed with coffee to counteract coffee’s stimulant effects.


Country of Origin: Italy