Herbs FOR MEN – Saw Palmetto



Herbs FOR MEN – Saw Palmetto

Organic and Wildharvested Herbal Tea Provides nutrients to support men’s good health. Beneficial to male physiology – promoting stamina, resilience and a general sense of well being. For men of all ages. Made in Australia from Imported and Local herbs.

Contains Pumpkin Seed – Curcubit sp. Gotu Kola – Centella asiatica. Saw Palmetto Berry – Serenoa repens. Golden Rod -Solidago virgaurea. Damiana Tops – Turnera diffusa. Nettle Root – Urtica dioica.

Historical and Traditional Perspective
Spotlight on Saw Palmetto – also known as – Sabal. Serenoa. Scrub Palm. Dwarf Palm.
This low shrubby plant is found in the sand dunes along the North Atlantic coast and Southern California. North American Indians recognised these berries for their nourishing and tonic properties on the male reproductive system. The berries were traditionally used for urinary frequency and discomfort, prostate disorders, loss of muscle strength and poor libido.They were considered to have a marked effect on glandular tissue and were frequently in the diet of older men experiencing debility or senility.

Historical and traditional perspectives are for information purposes only and are not intended as medical advice.


Herbs FOR MEN – Saw Palmetto – Organic