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Herb Tea for YOUNG WOMAN

Organic and Wildharvested Herbal Tea To fulfill the needs of young women. Boost energy and nutrition. Promote a healthy cycle and lift the spirits. For women under 45 years. Made in Australia from Imported and Local herbs.

Contains Asparagus Root – Asparagus racemosa. Siberian Ginseng – Eleutherococus senticosus. Passionflower – Passiflora incarnata. Vervain Herb – Verbena officinalis. Evening Primrose Seed – Oenothera biennis.

Historical and Traditional Perspective
Spotlight on Evening Primrose Seed – also known as – Field primrose. Night herb. Sundrop. Kings cure-all.
Native to North America but widely naturalised elsewhere, the faintly fragrant flowers open in the evening and have an affiliation with the cycle of the moon.The seeds are rich in essential fatty acids, especially GLA, which has proved beneficial in pre-menstrual moods, breast tenderness, anti-clotting and is nourishing and enriching for the skin and soothing to skin irritation.

Historical and traditional perspectives are for information purposes only and are not intended as medical advice.

Herb Tea for YOUNG WOMAN