DANDELION ROOT Roasted Granules



DANDELION ROOT Roasted Granules Organic

Organic DANDELION ROOT Dry Roasted Granules – Taraxacum Officinalis – to use in a plunger. Great healthy and nutritious alternative to coffee. Dandelion Root has both tonic and stimulant properties with a strong affinity for the liver. Strong satisfying taste. NO ADDITIVES.

Dandelion has a rich history of over 1000 years traditional use. The flowers were made into wine, the buds pickled, the leaves eaten in salads. The Dandelion Root has been steamed and eaten as a vegetable or dry roasted to make hot drink.
Same Family as the Daisy and Marigold. Common names – Lions Tooth. Wild Endive. Piss in the Bed. Blowball. Cancerwort. Swine Snout.