Mugwort. Wormwood. Anise. Gentian. Garlic. Blue Cohosh. Black Walnut. Rhubarb. Sassafras Oil. Homeopathic Cina.
Milder than our parasite mix.
Ethanol and/or Glycerol base herbal extracts for maximum strength and rapid absorption. Dose is diluted in water.

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Traditional Use References
Wormwood – effective against abroad range of worms – pinworm, tapeworm and roundworm.
Mugwort -a herb from the same family as Wormwood aiding egg and worm reduction
Anise – has a distinct licorice-like taste. Anise seed is high in antioxidants, which can reduce inflammation and prevent disease-causing oxidative damage
Gentianused for digestion problems such as loss of appetite, bloating, diarrhea and heartburn. Also used to prevent muscle spasms.
Garlic – helpful against upsetting gastrointestinal bacteria and inflammation
Blue Cohosh – used as a gentle laxative without strong cramps and spasms
Black Walnut – traditionally used by Western herbal medicine as a laxative and vermifuge, to help remove intestinal pinworms and threadworms.
Rhubarb Root – used for stomach complaints, diarrhoea, indigestion and irritability
Sassafras Oil – one drop in the mix for its excellent detoxifying properties
Homeopathic Cina – Homeopathic remedy used for the symptomatic relief of worms. Symptoms may be very cranky, sensitive, itchy, easily offended and averse to touch.

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WORMING MIX HERBAL EXTRACT / TINCTURE 50ml Mugwort Wormwood Anise Gentian Garlic Blue Cohosh Black Walnut Rhubarb Sassafras Oil Homeopathic Cina